I started this daily blog because I am as passionate about writing as I am about the body positivity movement that is sweeping the internet right now. I love food and drink and I am learning to love my body and want to discuss all of the incredible ideas and sentiments that amazing people around the internet are dreaming up to encourage us to love ourselves and to no longer feel shame for loving the best things in the world (food and drink).

I also want to use the blog as a place to document my weightloss journey as I begin to show my body that I love it by nourishing it properly and engaging in more challenging activities to increase my bodies strength and flexibility and bring it to its full potential. Who could not love that?

My ultimate mission is to spread my mantra far and wide:

All bodies are divine. All bodies are valid. All bodies are beautiful. 

And just don't listen to those haters when they tell you otherwise! 

Love yourselves

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