Saturday, 3 September 2016

10 Little Reasons...

There are a few bloggers out there who occasionally produce lists to remind us of the smaller and sometimes sweetest things we experience in life, to remind us not to forget to seek pleasure and fulfilment from the things you might think don't even matter. I have decided to create my own series to try and engage more positive thinking within myself (and maybe others too!). I've chosen to call the series 10 Little Reasons... . "10 little reasons to do what?" you might ask. Well, that's up to you, smile / keep going / laugh / skip / whatever you like!
  • When my Nan buys me mangoes. I don't know where she gets them from but mangoes acquired through Nan are always the best.
  • The lady who sat next to me on the bus, openly giggling into her phone out loud all the way home. 
  • More than one day off work in a row. 
  • Fresh bedsheets.
  • Dusk.
  • Helen Anderson's daily vlogs
  • Cutting your nails and realising how easy texting is again.
  • Bei Badgirl's merbunnies and merkitties. Squee!
  • Watching Small Animal Hospital on Netflix. 
  • Especially when John Barrowman gets excited / cracks himself up for no reason and visibly scares people. 
Love yourselves

Friday, 2 September 2016

Weigh In: Down 6lbs

So, I've been working hard at this new healthy lifestyle for about nine days now and I'm really starting to feel the benefits. I have more energy, I'm more optimistic, my waistline feels smaller and even though it's probably not yet noticeable to the observer, my clothes fit better. I'm down 6lbs from my start weight of 206lbs (or 11lbs down from my heaviest weight of 211lbs) and I'm super proud and pleased with my progress. I know it's not just about counting numbers, but I am the type of person who is more successful if they can measure their progress, so I'm afraid it simply has to be a numbers game for me right now. I can't just go by how I feel. I need concrete evidence so that I know it's real!

Six pounds might seem like a bit too much over such a short period but it's a combination of simply having it to lose and the fact that I generally have quite an active lifestyle. I work as bartender so I'm on my feet, moving and lifting things most of the day, I also can't drive so I tend to walk more than most who drive do, even if it's only to and from bus stops etc. Because I am so active, I could never actually fathom why I was so heavy but now I know my calorie intake was excessive (sorry about bringing numbers into it again). My Fitness Pal has really lived up to its name in helping work out exactly what is the right amount my body needs and has helped my stop mindlessly snacking on all the treats we constantly have knocking around at work (fries, cheese, chocolate, cake, beer, all the best stuff).

It's pretty simple, I guess! Although tonight I couldn't resist splitting a doughnut brownie with one of the guys. But as I always say; deprivation is not an act of love. Sometimes you just have to let yourself have the brownie!

Love yourselves