Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Suicide Squad Review

I took a little trip to the cinema to see Suicide Squad on Sunday (managed to bypass all the popcorn and nachos (mainly because I was running super late because of Bank Holiday traffic and missed the first 5 minutes but that's counts right?)). It's perhaps because I went in with very low expectations after the way the internet reacted to Suicide Squad that I didn't consider it so bad, or maybe it's because I know basically nothing about comics or DC and knew little of the heresy I observed. I thought it was alright?

It wasn't incredible, but for me that's partly because I got pretty bored of the whole superhero/ comic book movie thing about three years ago. They're all the same to me, sorrry (not sorry). And it's partly because there were scenes I still don't understand the purpose of, plot holes the size of the sun at every turn and the whole thing kind of played out like beating levels on a video game? Which I found weird. Amanda seemed pretty safe in her tower, why didn't they just leave her there and go straight in for The Enchantress? How did Deadshot read a thick ring binder full of secret info in 0.4 seconds? What was The Enchantress doing while El Diablo was battering her brother? Why did they have time to stop for a drink?! This list is too long.

A lot of people either complained about the lack of Joker's presence in the movie or about the glamorisation of his (abusive) relationship with Harley Quinn. It seems that people over looked how much Harley Quinn's character shines within the film, she is almost its one saviour. She's hilarious, sexy, believable and the strong female lead a lot of superhero movies are crying out for; she soldiers on even though she thinks the Joker is dead and even sacrifices potentially being reunited with him to save the whole world! This bitch don't need no man, even though she really loves him / was electrocuted into loving him (which apparently isn't how it goes in the books).

All in all I think it was an alright movie, I guess people were just upset by its potential to have been great.

*I also really liked the ethnic diversity within the cast and extras.

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