Monday, 29 August 2016

Food Haul

Risotto rice, 0% fat natural yoghurt, bananas, raspberries, green beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, eggs, wholewheat pasta, spinach, sweet potato, Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages, coriander, English muffins.

I have chosen to begin a journey towards self love and I'm going to take you guys along with me, kicking and screaming (with joy, hopefully). I can only learn to love myself if I begin to do things that show my body and mind that I love those guys i.e. engaging in more exercise and nourishing myself with good food so that I can grow stronger, more flexible and more confident. This does not mean I will forbid myself indulgences into the supposed Dark Side along the way (cake, cheese, beer, pizza holla at your girl homies, I still feel ya) because I think the "naughty" things are too good to be deprived of; deprivation is not an act of love.

So today I'm just going to share with you the first food haul of my new life; full of fresh fruit and veggies. This in total cost me around £14 for the week which proves healthy doesn't necessarily mean overdraft crippling. Due to my busy lifestyle and erratic work schedule I find myself eating a lot of rubbish on the go so I'm probably actually saving money. I am going to prove to myself that with a few moments planning each week I don't actually need to have 3 Kitkat chunkies, a cheese pretzel and a bag of spiral Cheetos for lunch everyday (even though it's great). 

Let's do this!
Love yourselves


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