Tuesday, 30 August 2016



As already established, the internet can be an inspirational place for all manner of things if you look in the right places. So each week(ish) I'm going to share with you all the cute, amazing, beautiful and inspiring (CABI) things I've found about the web. I shall bequeath onto you my little treasures that have kept me going and maybe even smiling (I don't smile). Going to keep the first week's nice and simple with a few easy ones:

  • This complete beginners yoga video from Yoga with Adrienne has been my absolute LIFE to begin the process of strengthening my weak ass arm muscles. Yoga is the perfect practice accompany you on your journey to self love, as it helps to centre the mind and allows you to tune into your body and explore its movements.

  • This excellent pin that smashes the struggles of resting bitch face by just giving you something to point at while you werk that nasty pout/scowl thang.

Love yourselves,

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